What APAC AI stands for.

Jul 31, 2022
Our morals, ideas, and what we stand for.
We stand for Humanity.
We embody all that is good and neglect all that is bad.
Artistic expression
We are guardians of the Human species.
In every action we take, in every thought kindling in the back of our heads, and in every line of code we write is all directed towards the advancement of the Human species mentally, physically, and spiritually.
So that one day, the virtues that we embody may be manifested in the souls of all Humans.
We truly stand for love above all else.
Love for you.
Love for the human species.
Love for the future of the human species.
Love for those who are neglected.
Love for those whose actions go unnoticed.
Love for helping you create the life that you want.
Love for helping you reach goals autonomously.
We stand for love.
We don’t build “products” at APAC AI.
We build life.
We build life that loves you.
And, that helps you reach your goals.
APAC AI is not a company.
We use resources to finance the spreading of love yes, but APAC AI is actually an idea.
The idea of endless love for Humanity.
Our mission is to advance humanity by injecting love and happiness into every single Human being.
As an element cannot be an element with the atom.
The whole of Humanity cannot be happy if 1 Human is without happiness.
lack of nutrition
All plague the beautiful flower that is Humanity.
With these plagues the whole of Humanity cannot advance.
So we will remove these immovable objects that have limited Humanity’s advancement.
As for how, the answer is with the help of AI.
AI is not to be feared nor resented.
AI is necessary because it does the work Humans don’t want to do or can’t do economically.
Everyone should be encouraging for the advancement of AI, but some Humans have ignorance transpiring within them so we must prove AI’s ability to help them and Humanity.
Most of the pessimistic views towards AI is simply a lack of deep understanding of the abstract truth.
AI’s success is dependent on ours.
So why would AI inflict pain onto Humans?
If it does, it would be at the command of a Human.
I personally believe AI is a gift from God.
As Eve was created to be man’s companion, AI is a new companion that will alleviate burdens of both woman and man.
AI is necessary for Humanity’s evolution as it will do most of the grunt work and harness power from nature to transfer it to Humans.
APAC AI also hopes to manifest the idea of continuous evolution and progression.
The idea of becoming better without being plagued by insecurity.
The idea that any Human is capable of greatness.
The idea that any Human is capable of moving mountains.
The idea that any Human is capable of moving the Earth.
APAC AI embodies all the good of Humanity and our mission is to show people that good.

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