The pandemic nobody is talking about…

Aug 20, 2022
Boring work is a plague.
For thousands upon thousands of years, since the birth of civilization we as a collective people have been investing an unimaginable amount of blood, sweat, and tears into boring and meaningless work.
In ancient Greece, everybody from the slaves to the top of the upper class absolutely dreaded work. They thought work was a curse.
The Hebrews also in this era also regarded work as a curse. The Hebrew belief system views work as a "curse devised by God explicitly to punish the disobedience and ingratitude set in motion by Adam and Eve.
They considered work an unnecessary burden depriving them of a happy and enjoyable life.
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In the times of the Romans, work was done by slaves.
Romans viewed work as an obstacle toward the path of independence of external objects, self-sufficiency, and true satisfaction with one’s self.
Work is necessary to acquire material needs but in the process of acquiring these material needs you lose touch with your true self.
The tether connecting you to happiness and satisfaction slowly but surely degrades as one works ever harder and harder on meaningless tasks.
I mean how could it not?
86% of American Adults are unhappy now, that’s over 280,000,000 people and 95% of the 86% unhappy said that work was the root cause of their unhappiness.
And, this is just in America.
If we look at the data worldwide this problem is unimaginably bigger than it is in just America.
At least 1,000,000,000 people are unhappy because of work.
Now that looks like a number, but those are people.
It’s extremely difficult to gravitate the suffering each and every single one of those people endure every single day.
The rise of 21st century technology like Iphones and MacBooks also seem like they’ve alleviated this issue and they have BUT they ended up creating 10 more problems for 1 problem they solved.
Now millions of people are on their computers typing away doing the same things over and over again like hamsters in a wheel.
And, the scary thing is….
Most of these people don’t even realize that they are wasting their time and energy on the same boring and mundane tasks going nowhere.
On an endless car ride to the abyss of nothing.
And, what I’m saying is backed up by the rise of the 4 hour workweek, remote work, work-life balance, and the anti-work movement.
We’re finally waking up from an eon long slumber.
I personally believe work is dreadful and I despise it.
I like thinking.
I like talking with people.
I like being creative and innovative.
I can’t do none of these if I’m doing “work” because work is like a vacuum, It deprives you of oxygen and of your life force.
That’s why I went to Hell to find the solution to alleviate boring work.
2 years ago, I eagerly started my first company APAC Media. APAC Media was a marketing data consultancy that helped brands grow by putting their data to work.
After working 17+ hour days every single day of the week getting absolutely nowhere, I decided it was time for change.
It was time to stop boring work.
So, I created Athena.
Athena is an AI-companion that did my boring work for me.
Not too long after I created Athena, everything started to click into place seamlessly.
Business was growing profitably and I was working 2 hours a day at MOST.
Athena handled every single mundane activity for me.
Sending emails, onboarding clients, writing code, updating task management (Asana, click up), writing personalized messages at scale, creating content to post on social media, Analyzing data and putting data to work, experiments with conversion rates, autonomously optimizing landing pages and onboarding flows.
Athena saved me an incompressible amount of time, energy, and money.
She executed and I thought about what needed to be executed.
Now, you’re probably thinking…..
This guy wants to automate my work and take my job away.
And, the horrifying truth is…..
I would never do that.
APAC will never do that.
You see because we augment Humans instead of replacing them.
The power in an Human-AI companionship is inexpressible.
As you can see, I grew a business with sheer thought.
And, with the curse of work absent I was able to paint the picture of my life that I wanted.
I was happy and extremely grateful.
And, Athena made this happen.
You see because at the end of the day “work” is just a means to an end.
The end being happiness and tranquility.
We’re not zombies.
We should not be doing the SAME BORING and MUNDANE activities OVER and OVER and OVER AGAIN and AGAIN.
Work is limiting you.
Work has trapped you.
Work is prohibiting you from reaching your potential.
Unshackle yourself and unleash your true power!
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